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9 Sep

Software driven verification and ways of achieving this are being debated under the new industry’s standards body Accellera. Any verification/validation initiative has an ultimate goal of “Catching-the-Bugs” before a tape-out. While traditional methods have resulted in various flows and methodologies, there is still a scope for achieving the intended purpose by exploring beyond the purview […]

Education, Employment, and state of Job market…

22 Nov

Two of my  friends and a well-wishers, who have been particularly focused on Human Resource/Capital management in their past 20+ years of industry career, recently shared their experience. What they said was so compelling, to me, that I could not hold on to sharing it to a wider audience through this BLOG. This BLOG has […]

Independence Day Celebrations

16 Aug

It was a pleasant surprise to get an SMS alert asking to gather at office on MON, 15th Aug morning at 7:30AM. For the first time, in last five years, we decided to give a formal touch to Independence day celebrations! Most of the localites made it to office well before the flag-hoisting time. The […]