Bangalore-Vayavya Labs Team Outing

25 Jul

After much anticipation and planning the Bangalore Vayavya team finally made it to the team outing on 25th July at Discovery Village resort. The place turned out to be a perfect getaway for our day- long trip, as it was not too far from the main city and had a beautiful green ambiance, accompanied by a good weather that made the whole trip very pleasant and enjoyable.

The team was on board by 8:30 am. As we took off, we played Antakshari on the way, setting in the right mood for the trip that continued even after reaching the venue. The team members enjoyed fellowship over breakfast which was followed by organisers debriefing the team.
As the day progressed the team was introduced to a series of fun based team activities that kept us totally engrossed and energised… thanks to the thoughtful planning of the organisers the activities were worth participating!

The first energiser game got the team started on a high note with everyone jumping & doing actions at a repeated & fast pace.
This was followed by the next activity called A-Z were teams were asked to hunt for items of each alphabet that was not man-made or plucked. The group literally turned scavenger, with each member coming up with weird ideas of their own to describe the items. Here the learning was to collaborate and work smartly in the given time.

Next one was Drums and planks- this activity seemed almost like an impossible task, as the entire fourty member team had to move to the other side (that was 50 ft away) within 25 minutes. The team was aided with just few drums and planks for this. Anyhow, few team members did give a shot, climbing the drums & bridging it with planks, but could not successfully reach the other side. Lessons learnt here was effective planning & execution or maybe asking for alternative activity… 🙂
After this, the next game was twister which was more of fun activity. Here the members had to place their hands and feet on a mat, that had coloured circles and this was supposed to be done each time the trainer gave out a particular instruction, viz. “right hand on yellow and left leg on blue”. This activity was great fun to watch as it got everybody in funny positions with their hands and legs either crossed or stretched far apart.
Thereafter, the team took a break for lunch and outdoor/indoor games. Here too everybody was seen relaxing and bonding with each other.

Post lunch, the team geared up for next activity -Bull ring- Here the senior members of the team were called to lead their respective teams. The activity was about balancing a light weight ball on a ring that had strings attached. The team had to hold the strings and gently transport the ball, to five different points without dropping; otherwise the whole activity had to be repeated. Here some good leadership & focussed team work were seen among the teams.
Next game was Helium stick. The team members had to balance a pipe on their index finger.
The idea was to get the pipe down and then get it back to the top without each member losing their contact with the pipe. The activity seemed simple initially but turned out to be difficult while executing. Here again the team learnt to strategies, coordinate and focus.
Next was a musical activity, called Drum circle- Here the team had great fun just laying their hands on the instruments & learning to play. Though it was a bit noisy in the beginning but the teams did manage to bring out some music & rhythm in the end.

Finally, the last activity was Bazooka. It was a good surprise, as it brought back our childhood memories. In this activity a barrel was suspended from the height of 12 ft, which had plenty of holes and plastic balls inside. The task was to get all the balls out from the top without inverting the barrel & with the help of water buckets.

Here, it was fun to watch members getting drenched and running up and down to fill their buckets. All this running around built up great excitement among team members, as each team competed with the other to get maximum balls out of the hanging barrel.

This last activity was a perfect way to conclude the day, as by evening everyone just relaxed with a cup of hot coffee/tea, followed by prize distribution and vote thanks to the organisers.

The team then headed back to their destinations with the same energy & enthusiasm or perhaps much more!

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