Trek to Kanakumbi

5 Oct

Health, wealth, love and happiness are the pillars of one’s life. We need to focus on all these aspects. One of the ways is to learn from the nature by exploring it. Some call the expedition as madness and the rest call it Adventure.


On the rise of 23rd September, with bag full of excitement, team Vayavya started a small adventure from camp third eye in the forest of Kanakumbi. We walked through the forest exploring the beauty of lords beautiful creation.


A few steps after the journey, the forest presented us a bouquet. It was all spread till our vision could reach. Who won’t fall in love with the nature when we see such a mesmerising place around us!



Fun is incomplete without playing in water. And we were lucky enough to see small streams of water and play in it. Following these streams led us to a beautiful waterfall. It flows in three steps and it was named three drop waterfall. At this moment our excitement was at its peak and which was worth of all efforts reaching there.


It wasn’t done yet! On the way back, we had to climb the steep and slippery mountain to reach the top of the waterfall. Climbing to the top, with all the excitement imprinted as a everlasting memory in our mind. We headed towards the end of the trek.

Journey way back wasn’t easy, thanks to the guide for taking us safely to the camp, where delicious food was waiting for us. After having lunch we left for Belagavi. Forests are the best place to experience peace of mind and the beauty of the nature. Such journeys are the best way to know people and also ourselves.

It was the end of this journey, but many more are yet to come!

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