Time flies….. a journey till now

22 Jun

Often I have heard phrase “Time flies” and when I reflect back it suddenly struck to me that we are into a double-digit (decade!) existential start-up life at Vayavya. Probably it is good to take this opportunity to write, a more detailed blog to reflect back on where we are, and what we have been doing as a technology company till now. Few lines into blog & I realised that I will run-out of a tolerable limit of an average blog size, I will try my best to retain the reader’s time constraints…..

Ten years is definitely not a small time-frame in a start-ups journey. My personal take is that we are already past our start-up phase! It was on 3rd Jul 2006 where first 4 engineers of Vayavya Technologies (yes were called by that name before the current Avatar of ‘Labs’) set out to write a first piece of code that still is buried deep down into current product which is half-a-million plus lines of source code and growing! When we look back we still wonder did we all write up so much of code?

Often I face team members who come to me (and of course with other senior team members) saying they are bored with working on same product and need a change. This angst happens with engineers specially when they meet their friends & colleagues who have most likely jumped couple of jobs in their careers. I then jump into a session with fellow team-mate, where we need to explain budding engineers what it means to be a PRODUCT company. A product development, unlike typical services, encompasses an entire gambit of software engineering. Right from design/architecture, development, testing, deployment, field support and bug-fixes to maintenance. Only a seasoned engineer can appreciate these facets and nuances of building a product.

We often end-up educating and encouraging the team members that going through these engineering roles and honing skills is as important as learning a new language, technology, skill acquisition or for that matter making a career-jump to another company! My colleague & system administrator at Vayavya helped to put an info-graphic (please see below) which answers many questions the engineers will have, like: “What we have been working, learning and building at Vayavya Labs?”. This is also our way of enticing budding or professional engineers who want to work for a technology firm.

Besides the usual things like, platforms, OS, Processors blah blah… that an embedded engineer hear teams at Vayavya get to know and understand things like : Domain Specific Language (DSL), Compilers, Semiconductor-IP design & validation, Embedded software & systems for Consumer Electronics, Communication & Automotive, Model based design tools & techniques.

The sheer size (code-base) of the product (Code Automation tool) is more than half a million lines of software code. A pie-distribution of lines-of-code yielded following pie-chart. The number of files from our Git-repository gave the following stat! Indicating a hue of programming languages that the team had an opportunity to learn and hone their skills.


Embedded Engineers, many a time, are paranoid to get their hands on new platforms and environments. A good news is at Vayavya, we have been able to keep up to those expectations. Here is a list of things that we have dabbled so far….. I am sure this is going to expand as we continue this journey.

Operating Systems: Linux, Android, ThreadX, Windows, QNX, VxWorks, etc
SoC Platforms: Intel, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Xilinx, Altera, NXP, Freescale, Renesas,Toshiba, Ricoh, etc

Often we joke that engineers are like kids in a Candy shop, they are always looking for new toys aka tools!


Finally, the Icing-on-the-Cake:
What is use of just creating something geeky? Has any user (in this case another engineer) really used your Geeky stuff? To put things in a business cliche we have been fortunate to put our tools & technology in hands of engineers at some of the globally reputed firms. Our teams have been sort of working behind closed doors, along with industry leaders, at an industry forum. The tipping point has been this year’s Design Automation Conference (DAC) where a public announcement of an Industry Standards, called Portable Stimulus, has been published for public review (beyond closed door congressional). This is first step in making of an IEEE standards in coming years & moment of pride for Vayavya team which aims “Bridging the hardware-software design flows…™”

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