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Bangalore-Vayavya Labs Team Outing

25 Jul

After much anticipation and planning the Bangalore Vayavya team finally made it to the team outing on 25th July at Discovery Village resort. The place turned out to be a perfect getaway for our day- long trip, as it was not too far from the main city and had a beautiful green ambiance, accompanied by […]

Indian Angel Network invests $1 million in Vayavya Labs

24 Jul

“Indian Angel Network, India’s largest national network of business angels investing in start-ups, has invested $ 1 million in Vayavya Labs. This will provide a major boost for the expansion plans we had for our System Design Automation Tools and strengthens our sales and marketing efforts. The TIE Bangalore played a major role in bringing […]

Linux Run Level

17 Feb

Linux kernel will start a program called init, if it finds it. The init process reads the file “/etc/inittab” and uses this file to determine how to create processes. Read the init man page for more information. Also note that init is always running and can dynamically do things and run processes based upon various […]