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Trek to Kanakumbi

5 Oct

Health, wealth, love and happiness are the pillars of one’s life. We need to focus on all these aspects. One of the ways is to learn from the nature by exploring it. Some call the expedition as madness and the rest call it Adventure. On the rise of 23rd September, with bag full of excitement, […]

Bangalore-Vayavya Labs Team Outing

25 Jul

After much anticipation and planning the Bangalore Vayavya team finally made it to the team outing on 25th July at Discovery Village resort. The place turned out to be a perfect getaway for our day- long trip, as it was not too far from the main city and had a beautiful green ambiance, accompanied by […]

Lego Rover

15 May

On April 20-21st 2013, NASA held it’s second annual International Space Apps Challenge( Over 9,000 people around the world participated to solve 58 challenges ranging from “Backyard Poultry Farmer” which asked challengers to create a PMS (Poultry Management System) for backyard farmers, to “Hitch a Ride to Mars”, a challenge to design a CubeSat for […]