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Time flies….. a journey till now

22 Jun

Often I have heard phrase “Time flies” and when I reflect back it suddenly struck to me that we are into a double-digit (decade!) existential start-up life at Vayavya. Probably it is good to take this opportunity to write, a more detailed blog to reflect back on where we are, and what we have been […]

Vayavya Labs @ Buzzing Belagavi

20 Jun

Belagavi, the next global technology hub, govt of Karnataka has organized an event “Buzzing Belagavi- The Next Global Technology Hub” on 17-Jun-2016 at Suvarn Vidhan Soudha to promote IT industries in and around Belagavi.

Vayavya participated in the event and has put up a stall to showcase its technologies and products. Our co-founder and VP, Mrs Uma Bondada was on of the speaker at the event, she spoke on challenges faced by startup’s in Belagavi.


9 Sep

Software driven verification and ways of achieving this are being debated under the new industry‚Äôs standards body Accellera. Any verification/validation initiative has an ultimate goal of “Catching-the-Bugs” before a tape-out. While traditional methods have resulted in various flows and methodologies, there is still a scope for achieving the intended purpose by exploring beyond the purview […]