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Education, Employment, and state of Job market…

22 Nov

Two of my  friends and a well-wishers, who have been particularly focused on Human Resource/Capital management in their past 20+ years of industry career, recently shared their experience. What they said was so compelling, to me, that I could not hold on to sharing it to a wider audience through this BLOG. This BLOG has […]

Prisoner’s Dilemma

9 Sep

This blog is is an unexpected outcome from a technical stuff I was supposed to carry out. Thought of sharing this with larger team as it might interest you.  It might seem that I’m talking academic and perhaps irrelevant stuff here however I would urge you to set that perception aside and read through 🙂 […]

E=mc^2, and its relevance to productivity in startups

28 May

Whats Einstein’s energy-mass equation got to do with startups ? I think a lot….. I am a firm believer of the fact that mass is energy confined within a small space, though this is obvious from the eqn, in a ‘metaphysical’ sense it took me a long time to grasp its significance. When a person […]