9 Sep

Software driven verification and ways of achieving this are being debated under the new industry‚Äôs standards body Accellera. Any verification/validation initiative has an ultimate goal of “Catching-the-Bugs” before a tape-out. While traditional methods have resulted in various flows and methodologies, there is still a scope for achieving the intended purpose by exploring beyond the purview […]

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Vayavya Labs at CDNLive 2015

26 Aug

CDNLive brings together Cadence users, developers, and industry experts to network. It allows them to share best practices on critical design and verification issues. Vayavya Labs participated in the CDNLive 2015 to showcase our technology of Hardware Software Interface (HSI) Spec and to use our tool DDGen to generate various flavors of device drivers automatically. […]

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WebRTC for a plugin free IP Network Camera

25 Aug

A brief history IP Network Cameras (henceforth referred as IPNC) have always had an affinity for the Web Browser. The focus has always been on ease of installation. Consumers would typically want to install their cameras and get going without having to install any software. Web browser has been the software of choice. This typically […]

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